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Automation Division

Industrial growth in the current and future economies depends on manufacturers achieving the efficiencies produced by automation systems and control. The factory floor engineer with start-to-finish understanding of processes, purchasing, and even software is a thing of the past. Today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturers need contractors who can provide system integration, especially in the field of electrical and electronic control systems, to get the job done.

This puts a premium on contractors such as Allegheny Electric Service, who provide not only the automation engineering and basic control panel installations, but also have the application knowledge for the systems they are working on – so they can deliver high levels of technologically advanced systems.

Allegheny Electric offers complete design, build, installation, and maintenance of specialty equipment for automation control systems in many industries. In the powdered metal industry, we feature automation controls for pick-offs, conveyor systems, visual systems, resonance testing systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), temperature control, and human-machine interfaces. In the lumber industry, we provide automated controls for debarkers, head saws, trimmers, edgers, stackers, bins, and kilns. Our control systems engineering service provides design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of electrical instrumentation for control systems to our clients’ specifications, regardless of industry. We provide a start-to-finish solution for plant automation.

Automation Division: Allegheny Electric Systems - St. Marys, PA 15857