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Construction Division

Allegheny Electric Service’s Construction Division provides, installs, and maintains all materials, wiring and equipment needed for industrial and commercial buildings, with a focus on the powder metal and the lumber industries as well as metal stamping press control. With a particular expertise in automation and control systems, from automation design though final completion, the staff of Allegheny Electric will make certain that new construction or remodeling of existing facilities meets customer specifications, and goes beyond by offering ideas on using automation control to achieve cost savings.

In our Construction Division, our electrical contractors work closely with project architects and engineers to ensure the success of the entire project. Our contractors are often involved in the design and development of the electrical blueprint and assist in planning the schedule to ensure timely installations in coordination with other service contractors. Allegheny Electric assists customers in developing training, maintenance, and support schedules to ensure successful operation of their systems.

Because of the large scale usually involved in industrial construction, requirements are different: extreme caution is needed working at greater heights, using higher voltage, and managing the logistics of having larger equipment and materials from other contractors on the job site. Industrial projects can also extend over longer timeframes, and often require more manpower to accomplish, if only because of the greatly increased lengths of wire and pipe that need to be run. Allegheny Electric Service ensures that manpower needs are met and safety procedures followed. Above all, Allegheny Electric ensures that the end result meets and exceeds both the customer’s expectations and existing industrial standards.

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