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Service Division

Allegheny Electric System’s service division has a simple goal: to keep your press control and automation control equipment up and running. In fact, we offer a broad range of 24x7 industrial and commercial electrical service, Since 1985, Allegheny Electric Systems has been the go-to provider for timely, expert commercial and industrial electrician service throughout north central Pennsylvania. For commercial and industrial jobs of all sizes, our professional, licensed staff proudly offers quick, accurate, and affordable service, whether it’s for a large factory building, an office complex, or any project in between. Our team is made up of highly trained electrical contractors, several Master Electricians, and a Staff Electrical Engineer that will provide you with all the courteous, professional commercial and industrial electrician services you need.

Electrical problems can be a serious issue for any manufacturer – from downtime and loss of production to hazard to human life. Site alterations, moves, renovations, and other planned activities often have small time-windows for completion. In recognition of these concerns, Allegheny Electric’s service department operates around the clock, 7 days per week. Many of our customers work these hours, and it’s our intention to be available whenever our customers need us.

Service Division: Allegheny Electrical Service: St. Marys, PA 15857