Press Controls – Metal Stamping

  • PPC-1000 Cam-based Press Control
  • PPC-1100 Low Cost resolver based Safety Press Control
  • PPC-1000R Low Cost Press Automation Control
  • Automator I Press Automation Control
  • Automator II Metal Stamping Press Control Press Controls

Press Controls – Powdered Metal

  • PPC – 1000 Pow. Met. Press Control
  • PPC – 1100R Pow. Met. Press Control
  • PPC – 1000R Pow. Met. Press Control
  • Automator 1 Pow. Met. Press Control
  • Automator II Pow. Met. Press Control

Die Protection

  • Micro DP Die Protection Control
  • PC1 – 100 DP-R Die Protection Control
  • K2000 DP Die Protection Control
  • Automator I Die Protection Control
  • Automator 11 Die Protection Control

Programmable Limit Switches

  • PCI 1000 LS Programmable Limit Switch
  • K2000-PLS Programmable Limit Switch
  • Automator I Programmable Limit Switch
  • Automator II Programmable Limit Switch

Tonnage Monitor

  • Tonnage Tracker Stand Alone Monitor
  • K2000 Tonnage Monitor
  • Automator I Tonnage Monitor
  • Automator II Tonnage Monitor

Press Brake Control

  • PBC-1000 Press Brake Control
  • PBC-11 OOR Resolver Press Brake Control

Light Curtains

  • MS-4600 Series Light Curtains
  • LS-4700 Light Curtain Series
  • OF-4600 Series Light Curtains Perimeter Guard
  • LEF-4700 Light Curtain Series
  • LE-4700 Series Light Curtains

Motor Controls

  • Motor Controls description, features, and options

Production Tracking – Option available, feature, and options