Press Controls – Metal Stamping

  • Rotary Cam Based Controls
  • Resolver Based Controls

Programmable Limit Switches

  • PLS
  • Counters

Brake Monitor

  • Time-Based Brake Monitors Press Brake Controls

Brake Performance Tester StopTime Meter

  • Semelex II Safetimeter TestSet

Light Curtains

  • Super Light VI (Mechanical Relay Outputs) MicroGuard
  • MicroGuard Body Detection System
  • PPB Series (Perimeter Guarding)

Safety Mat Systems

Ergomatic Palm Buttons

Press Brake Controls – Metal Stamping
  • Package 2100
    • Mechanical Press Brake with Automatic Slow Forming
  • Package 1
    • Mechanical Press Brake Guarding, Retains Mech, Pedal to slow form parts -Retain Operator Feel
  • Package 2101
    • Two-Hand/Foot Method of Guarding and Machine Control Package 2110
    • Mech. Brake Control when used as Punch Press
  • Package 2120
    • Air Clutch Brake Controls updates controls to obtain control reliability Package 3122
    • Air Clutch Brake – updates controls to obtain clutch reliability for 2 hand/foot method of guarding and machine control